OSP “14 Tips to Better Shotgunning” Video (V1/OSP)

Price: $49.95
What Gil and Vicki Have to say about this DVD:
“If you are a beginner or are new to sporting clays this DVD covers the basic fundamentals we find are most important for you and that are discussed in our book “If It Ain’t Broke Fix It!” In this DVD we answer 14 of the most frequently asked questions by shooters like you to help get you started the right way. So if you are new to sporting clays or shot gunning in general or if you are a wing shooter trying to become a better shot this DVD will help you better understand the basic fundamentals of consistent shot gunning.”

Highlights include:
The 6 most frequent mechanical causes for misses on different targets.
Patterning your gun for fit.
When to shoot with a mounted gun and why.
How to slow the targets down.
Grip, stance, and balance and how they control consistency.
The three reasons you miss targets that you know how to hit.
The risks of different shooting methods.
Home practice.