Browning 51-Piece Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

Price: $39.95
Manufacturer:A Francotte

Endorsed by all of us. This is a Browning product you will find in all the homes, offices and range kits of all the gun guys and gals at Browning. It is true gunsmith design and quality. The bits work right, protecting screws and protecting your guns, scopes and accessories in the process. This is a big 51-piece set that has the bits you need. 


  • Compact 51-piece tool set
  • Custom-molded driver with magnetic tip
  • Rugged fitted plastic case with clear lid and sliding closure
  • 12 flat head bits, 8 hex bits, 4 Phillips bits, 2 extra-long Phillips bits, 7 Torx® bits, 4 Robertson bits, 4 tri-wing bits, 3 clutch bits, 2 spline bits, 3 torq bits and one 1/4" socket adaptor